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Because you won't update, you must now suffer...

AnglOfHello: Hi!!!!
Xxeasily amusedX: hi!!!
AnglOfHello: I'm a little hyper.
Xxeasily amusedX: I have icons turned off because the new version of AIM is hella poopy
AnglOfHello: Well, it says "HOMOPHOBIA" Then one of those "No doing this" red circle lines pops up on it.
AnglOfHello: Yey1
AnglOfHello: With an exclaimation point!
Xxeasily amusedX: awesome!
AnglOfHello: Yey one exclaimation point!
AnglOfHello: exclamation*
Xxeasily amusedX: lol
AnglOfHello: I think. That one day. I will show up at your house. And play with you.
Xxeasily amusedX: uhh..
AnglOfHello: In a non-sexual way.
Xxeasily amusedX: oh okay
AnglOfHello: yey! Right?
Xxeasily amusedX: sure
AnglOfHello: You are supercool!
AnglOfHello: Did you know, you're my favourite online friend?
Xxeasily amusedX: seriously? 'cause we hardly ever talk online
AnglOfHello: Furthermore, did you know, my neighbours have a parrot, or a baby that sounds like a bird of some sort.
AnglOfHello: Yes ma'am you are.
AnglOfHello: I talk to you a lot online.
AnglOfHello: I just don't talk too much, except when I do!
Xxeasily amusedX: lol
Xxeasily amusedX: a parrot or a kid that sounds like one?
AnglOfHello: Yep.
Xxeasily amusedX: that's weird
AnglOfHello: Isn't it???
Xxeasily amusedX: very
AnglOfHello: *sits on head* What time do you go to bed?
AnglOfHello: ^
L rhymes.
Xxeasily amusedX: lol
AnglOfHello: ^
L rhymes*
AnglOfHello: Dammit.
AnglOfHello: I can't line them up.
AnglOfHello: ^
L rhymes.
AnglOfHello: Ooh!
AnglOfHello: ^
AnglOfHello: L Rhymes...
AnglOfHello: No!
AnglOfHello: ^
Xxeasily amusedX: it's no big!
AnglOfHello: L rhymes.*
AnglOfHello: You interrupted.
AnglOfHello: ^
AnglOfHello: L rhymes.
AnglOfHello: YEY!!!!!
Xxeasily amusedX: lol
AnglOfHello: I suppose I could have just said the above rhymes.
AnglOfHello: ....Hm.
Xxeasily amusedX: yeah
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