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Re-ordered my T-Shirt. Icons and Layout suggestions anybody?

Well I got an email saying that I would have to cancel my order, and reorder again through the site..my T-Shirt..because the tax and shipping wasn't included. That wasn't really my fault, but paypal wasn't set up to include it. But that is all straightened out now. I'm glad he emailed me though, because I didn't even notice. I was just so excited I was buying a T-Shirt..lol
So I did that. Then emailed them back. They cancelled the order for me, and I just reordered another T-Shirt. Then they emailed me back saying it should be all set now...and stuff...and now i can order as many as i would like..and that they would tell me if anymore problems come up. So getting it in the mail, might be alittle later than normally, but that's ok. I ordered that yesterday, so maybe by next week, or the weekend, i will get it

Other than that, nothing else to say really..

I love the Band's new picture they have up on their myspace page...It's great...i even set that as my desktop background. LOL i think that's the best pic of them i have seen, so if none of you have checked that out, go ahead and do that..it's funny. Of course you would need a myspace account to see the rest of the pics, there are some other great one's on there as well..Some cool pics of the band members individually..

I also put the Band's IM icon, as my new AIM Icon...i was wondering if that was ok..I think it would be ok to use it, since it said on the bottom IM icon, but I am not sure. I know one member in this community used that icon as their LJ icon...I didn't know you could use that because of copyright purposes...but i don't understand copyright laws anyways...i'm probably guilty of copywriting many things, I'm not even aware of. Does anyone know if I can use that?

Maybe this community could use an icon like that. Should we use that one? or does someone else want to make one for it?? I'm thinking about changing the colors of this journal...maybe to a darker blue..It looks TOO blue if you ask me. Nothing else to do today.

give me some feedback if you want..especially about the icon/layout...etc.
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