~Rumztaeb~ (riesters7) wrote in blue_root,


Hi Everyone

What has everyone been up to lately? lol
Just wanted to update and say hello...

nothing really new has been going on with me.
Finished my intersession classes, and now am in my spring semester of college.

I got my blueroot t-shirt in the mail finally. I was so happy to get it, and I got some stickers that came with it, which made me happy. I still have to try it on. It's been kind of cold here lately, but I know already, that will be one of my favorites.

the site is undergoing some changes I see. And it's been kind of quiet on their lately.

I can't wait to see what is in store for us Blue Root Fans in the futre..hehe I LOVE the song Bring Your love back that they had on myspace. Out of all the songs, that would be my fav, because I could relate to it the most. It kind of made me cry though, but i'm getting all prepared..for others...with my tissues in hand..lol

well leave me some comments or something if you want, you don't have too. Just wanted to keep this going.


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