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blue_root's Journal

Blue Root
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This community has been Created to discuss and help promote the Band Blue Root. More info on the Band itself can be found on their website.

Here, you can post comments, questions, feedback, or anything else directly related to this band. What makes this community unique, is that you can post annonymously if you like, and you don't even need a livejournal to do so....just go to the userinfo page, click on the pencil icon, and post away! ;)

Note: This is not a message board for the band, this is a LiveJournal. If you are looking for the Band's message board, it is highly recommended that you go to their site..they have one on their. (See website above)

Our goal, is to spread the word. No vulgur, hateful speech will be tolerated. (especially towards other members) There is no need for that. All posts that exibit that type of behavior will be deleted no further questions asked. If this continues, from the same user, then that person will be banned.

However, if you dislike the music, or want to express your opinion, that is ok. That is actually encouraged, because when i say feedback, that is what that is...
All views will be respected, just try to be polite people, and respectful towards others!

**Also, i just created this community, but this is a community. Anybody who would like to help maintain, or do layouts, icons, banners, customizations, are more than welcome to do so. I would like that alot!!!!

If you need to get a hold of me, all my contact info is listed as well. Please do so, i am a nice person...and love meeting new people!!
ben reiss, blue root, jason richter, music, ryan mccusker, taylor corbin, wes pagano